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Hp Insight Remote Support 7.7

Insight RS 7.7 now available

General notes

Insight RS Build number 


Insight RS 7.7 release adds support for the following endpoint devices:


• HPE Superdome X 1.1 firmware update support for Windows 2012 R2
• HPE Superdome 2 Firmware Update CPE 7
• Agent support on CentOS versions 6.8 and 7.2 for the following servers: 
o HPE Proliant ML350 Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant DL380 Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant BL460c Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant XL170r Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant XL190r Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant XL230a Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant XL250a Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant XL420 Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant XL450 Gen9 Server
o HPE Proliant XL730f Gen9 Server


• HPE MSA 1040/2040 (G4 GL220 Patch)


• HPE FlexFabric 5950 Switch Series
• HPE FlexFabric 5940 Switch Series
• HPE FlexFabric 5930 Switch Series
• HPE Aruba 2930f Switch Series
• HPE MSR 958 Router

Converged Systems 

• HPE CloudSystem v10.0
• HPE CS500 (Broadwell CPU) Scale Up with SLES for SAP

Insight RS 7.7 Feature Overview

• Active Directory gives administrators the option to set Insight RS access permissions 
• SNMP Service Event Adapter enhancements. Expansion of SNMP fields populated by Insight RS for service events improves information shared with other monitoring tools.
• A timeout value for Insight RS session console can be set so users do not have to re-login after 30 minutes.
• Addition of HPRS Receivers service to Hosting Device Health indicator

Indicates if the HPRS Receivers service is running, which is necessary for Insight RS to receive service events from monitored devices. For more information, see the following Insight RS 7.7 documentation. 

• HPE Insight Remote Support 7.7 Release Notes
• HPE Insight Remote Support 7.7 Quick Installation Guide
• HPE Insight Remote Support 7.7 Installation and Configuration Guide
• HPE Insight Remote Support 7.7 Monitored Devices Configuration Guide
• HPE Insight Remote Support 7.7 Upgrade Guide

Attention: New Data Center URLs for Insight Remote Support

The Data Center URLs that the Insight RS Software uses to communicate with HPE are in the process of changing. A new software package is available through Insight RS Software Updates named Update Data Center URLs.

This package will update the Data Center URLs that Insight RS uses to communicate with HPE. This package will be applicable to Insight RS v7.4 and later.

This URLs to be updated are as follows:

Description Current URL New URL
HpAdapter endpoint URL

SWM manifest URL

SWM server package URL

Version URL

Even though the current URLs will be in place until October 2017, we recommend updating the URLs as soon as possible.

As part of the installation process, Insight RS will check communication with the updated HPE URLs and will not switch if the Insight RS client cannot talk to the new HPE URLs due to a firewall issue. In the event communication cannot be established with the HPE URLs, you will need to manually configure your proxy or firewall to communicate with the new URLs. Once this is completed the Update Data center URLs software package installation can be attempted again.

How do I know I have the new package in place?

How do I know I have the new package in place? In the Software Update Manager screen in the Insight RS GUI, the Update DataCenter URLs package should show that the package installed successfully. In cases where the package did not install correctly, the message in the GUI will provide information to the user with the details of the issue when applying the package. 

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